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Introducing GvM ambassador 2022— itsonlyjill

Excited to announce our 2022 Gamers Vs MS Streamer Ambassador: itsonlyJill. Our streamer ambassadorship, now in its third year, is a program to acknowledge the incredible efforts that our streamers go to that help make all the magic happen. They representative everything that makes GvM what it is -- passion for gaming, streaming, community, and using all of that to make a difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

Jill is a full-time Canadian streamer on Twitch. She dreamed about being a content creator since the age of 8, and since then has made that dream come true. Jill has been involved in Gamers Vs MS since 2020, and her community has raised over $16,000 in the fight against multiple sclerosis. Gamers Vs MS is incredibly excited to have itsonlyJill as the streamer ambassador this year and we are confident you'll enjoy her content through the year -- and hope you'll tune into her charity streams during this years' relays.


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