For our third year, we are proud to announce our first ever Gamers Vs MS ambassador. The ambassador is someone who represents everything that makes GvM what it is -- a passion for gaming, streaming, and using that to make a difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

Our first ever ambassador: HiveQueen_! HiveQueen, or Robin, participated in both the relays that took place in 2019. Her and her community took Gamers Vs MS by storm, showing how people coming together over a love of gaming and streaming communities can make a difference. Outside of that, Robin is a full-time streamer who streams on Twitch, and brings a welcoming and fun presence right to your computer screen!

Check out the video below on what Robin has to say about being the first ever ambassador and how she believes this year can be the best yet!

“You can imagine how horrible this disease is and why we do really need to come together to find a cure.”


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