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Join the quest to beat MS now.

How it works

Signing up is easy! Join the quest to beat MS and register now.


You can stream once, a couple times, or through the whole month in support!


We can't do this alone! Spread the word by inviting other friends to stream as well, share on socials, tell family, and help make this an incredible month.

Streamers, Register for the Boss Battles
Streaming Festival in Support of MS Today!

There are over 90,000 Canadians living with MS, and more than 2.8 million worldwide. With this streaming festival, we can do our part to help end MS.

Stream, create, or fundraise any which way during this month that works for you. Anyone, anywhere in the world can register and do their fundraisers at any time on your schedule.


You can register yourself, or sign up and create a team for your friends, stream teams, or family!


Let’s end MS – together!

Register now for
Boss Battles 2023
Download your guide to Gamers vs MS Boss Battles Fundraising Here

This is a Streaming Festival and Fundraising event that anyone, anywhere can sign up for. You can join in on the fight against MS and help fundraise. 

From July 1 to July 31, streamers will come together to raise funds for MS Canada, with proceeds going toward research into the cause and a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). Canada is home to some of the world’s leading MS researchers. Any streamer, big or small, any gamer, big or small, can register for the event as an individual or as a part of a team.


What makes this campaign unique is the Boss Battles concept! Adding some extra fun to  FUNdraising, we've designed this month-long campaign as an adventure. Our volunteers have  designed eight bosses that we collectively defeat through the course of the month through  fundraising!


To “beat” all the bosses, we hope we fundraise $30,000 or more collectively. Whether  you can do one stream, or stream a week, or stream the whole month, you can help make a  difference!

If you’re not a streamer, you can still fundraise!


Our Boss Battles 2023 Guidebook goes over some ways to fundraise, but ultimately you can fundraise in any manner you’d like to  earn rewards!

In Canada, we have some of the HIGHEST rates in the world and we want streamers to be in on the fight to help end MS. People are diagnosed with MS generally between the ages 20-40, prime life building years. MS affects women 3 to 1.


MS affects us all and we want you to join the fight! To date, Gamers vs MS events have raised over $300,000 for MS Canada


For those fundraising for the Gamers Vs MS project benefiting MS Canada, we also have some physical rewards for certain milestone amounts! Here are the three currently available.

Shipping is only available to Canada and USA addresses, but we do thank you all for the support, anywhere you may be helping from.

Fundraising amounts are cumulative for the year. For example, if you participate in two events this year  and one you raise $600 and the next you raise $500, you are eligible for the Elite Fundraiser Medal!

$200 – T-Shirt

Raise over $200 for Gamers vs MS in 2023, and you will be sent our 2023 design t-shirt.

$1000 – Elite Fundraiser Medal

You are an elite Gamers Vs MS fundraiser in 2023 and will be sent a 2023 design medal.

Gamers Vs MS Beanie Hat

Register for Boss Battles: Streaming Festival to Defeat MS 2023 and get your first donation

(self-donation counts!). The first 80 sign ups get this reward! 

2023 Bosses
Martian Mantrap (Defeated!)

Martian Mantrap (Defeated!)

Someone appears to have glued googly eyes and a bowtie onto this ferocious creature... (Total amount raised to be defeated $3000)

Destrobot (Deafeated!)

Destrobot (Deafeated!)

This mechanical menace has been seen stomping throughout the land, causing widespread damage and potholes. (Total amount raised to be defeated $6000)

Fiero (Defeated!)

Fiero (Defeated!)

This elemental enemy uses the power of fire to torch enemies and allies alike. (Total amount raised to be defeated $9000)

Mimic Corp (Defeated!)

Mimic Corp (Defeated!)

Notice: Despite job ads being posted around, there is no business registered within this living construct. (Total amount raised to be defeated $11000)

VoidMaw (Defeated!)

VoidMaw (Defeated!)

Someone or something has powered up Mawful, embracing the dark magicks of the void. (Total amount raised to be defeated $13000)

Mocktopus (2000HP)

Mocktopus (2000HP)

This subaquatic nemesis has returned with a new suit of power armour. (Total amount raised to be defeated $15000)

Minion Maker (2000HP)

Minion Maker (2000HP)

Something has reprogrammed a fabrication machine and installed a malicious AI to create an army of minions. (Total amount raised to be defeated $17000)

Glitch Lich (3000HP)

Glitch Lich (3000HP)

Glitch Lich has returned to seek vengeance against the heroes who sought to stop his machinations. (Total amount raised to be defeated $20000)

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