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Do Your Own Charity Stream

Want to do a stream in support of MS Canada at any time? Do a “One-Up” stream!

And yes, to answer a question we get a lot -- One-Ups is just the name. You can set your campaign to be over multiple streams, weeks, or months. It doesn’t have to be just one stream.

Download the “Gamers Vs MS One-Up Instruction Manual” to help you along with your stream. You can also check our resource page for additional resources like graphics.

After reading through the Guide, register your campaign on our
Tiltify page!



The purpose of the rewards is to thank YOU the streamers and fundraisers for taking time out of your busy schedules to make a difference! The rewards for 2023 will begin shipping in a couple of months!

$200 or more raised -- GvM “Limited Edition” 2024 T-Shirt
$1000 or more raised -- GvM 2024 Medallion

We will update the rewards yearly. This is our second year doing them, and the first pilot year in 2021 was deemed a great success!

Note: Rewards are only available to those with Canadian and USA addresses.
Shipping costs unfortunately prevent us from offering these elsewhere during our reward pilot years.



We want to make sure that streamers know that they have freedom to be creative and have as much fun as possible with their streams, so we don’t want to restrict too much. However, if you’re looking for additional resources for your “One-Up” stream, we have you covered.

You are free to use Tiltify or connect your streamlabs to Tiltify for the sound alerts for your stream.

We will add more resources in time as we develop them or as need arises. As always, if you have questions,

please email

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