Streaming from Newfoundland

Hello all! My name is Astra, I’m a variety streamer of sorts, though nowadays you’ll mostly find me over on the YouTubes putting up Wrastlin’ videos. I love playing first person shooters, simulation games, Dungeons & Dragons, and most important of all I’m a big ol’ Wrasslin’ nerd. This is my 4th time doing Gamers Vs. MS, and I’m beyond thrilled to get back to fundraising and laying the SMACKDOWN on MS once again.



Streaming from Newfoundland

CapsuleCorpEmployee, most commonly referred to as “Caps”, is both a Newfoundlander and newcomer to the streaming side of GVM but a long time viewer. A fan of all types of gaming from tabletops like Dungeons and Dragons, strategic card games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic, to console and PC games as well. They can usually be seen playing MMOs (Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and beyond) story driven games such as Mass Effect or even casually piecing together some gundam model kits. Caps is always ready to help out a good cause and can’t wait to interact more with you all!



Streaming from Newfoundland

Jason is a  Newfoundland streamer that is excited to be involved with GvM once again. Jason played video games casually his whole life as most of his time was devoted to playing competitive hockey. However, when some big injuries caused him to have to retire from most competitive sports, video games and streaming became a true passion and replacement. Jason loves mostly all games from Mario to Fortnite, with Skyrim and The Last of Us being his all time favourites.



Streaming from Ontario

Jill is a Newfoundland streamer living on the mainland. Shes been streaming with charity groups since 2010 and got into solo streaming in 2018. Jill has a love for everything Nintendo and horror with a current kick for dead by daylight and splatoon. She also really likes shiny things which might be why she currently works as a geologist. If you ever want to see her get excited talk to her about mozza sticks.


Streaming from Newfoundland

John has streamed on Twitch since July 2017 and loves every minute of it. Bringing people together over a shared love of gaming is something John is very passionate about. His games of choice are generally Nintendo titles, but he does do variety nights and loves a good JRPG.  John works in project management and communications.



Streaming from Manitoba

Littlepuppy009 (Puppy for short) is a Canadian streamer who has been playing games ever since she could hold a controller. She is a variety streamer but mains horror games as they are her personal favorite, her followers favorite as well. (beware of her screams) She's very laid back, easy to get along with and tends to go into giggle fits. Don't be fooled by her cute demeanor and bundles of plush toys though.. She swears like you wouldn't believe. If you are lucky you may catch her when she's in a singing/dancing mood.



Streaming from Ontario

Hi! I'm Melecine, small town streamer in Ontario. I was diagnosed with MS back when I was 15 in 2010 now about to hit level 12 in my fight to end it. I love to stream a variety of games like Phasmophobia, platformers, the occasional shooter and retro games. I live on coffee, books, Harry Potter and music. Super excited to join in on my first relay with Gamers VS MS. So bring on the coffee, games and fun!



Streaming from Newfoundland

Mik Pick or Michael is a variety streamer from Newfoundland and Labrador who likes to play story driven games, speedrun, and paint like Bob Ross. He is working towards becoming a high school teacher, and is currently the director of an overnight summer camp program in Newfoundland. Mik has been playing video games since his third birthday, some of his all time favourites include Persona 5 and Ocarina Of Time.



Streaming from Alberta

Hello there! My name is Nakatron (She/Her) and I have been a content creator for the past 7 years. Throughout my years of content creation, I have developed a deep love for the gaming/fundraising communities. I enjoy streaming spooky games, multiplayers and puzzle platformers. When I’m not streaming/gaming, I am spending time playing Dungeons and Dragons, hanging out with my kitty Atlas and working as a Registered Nurse. I pride myself in creating a safe, inclusive space for my community to be themselves. I look forward to another marathon with the Gamers Vs Ms crew!


Streaming from British Columbia

Hi, Hello! I’m Nhodoubt! Or as my friends call me, Sandee. I am a variety streamer from Vancouver. I am usually fueled by decaf lattes, KPop, lots of snacks and can do a pretty amazing Chicken Dance. My game to obsess-about changes like the seasons so I play anything from Overwatch, Phasmaphobia, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter (Puzzle games are my guilty pleasure but my success rate is problematic). I would be tickled pink if I could make your day brighter with my horrible voice impressions and would want nothing more but to educate you in useless facts! Can’t wait to find out what your favorite pizza toppings are.



Streaming from Canada

The No-Fame Podcast is a group of certified not-famous friends who produce weekly edited, sound-designed episodes of their urban fantasy Dungeons & Dragons campaign ‘Null Shore’. Taking a step away from traditional D&D, Null Shore is a home-brewed story that follows the decisions of a few residents of a quaint coastal community as they search for a missing Librarian and find themselves in over their heads. Outside of the podcast the No-Fame crew stream a bi-weekly live Savage Worlds Sci-Fi adventure ‘SWADERUNNER’ and pick up with a variety of gaming streams throughout each week. They’re all very excited to be apart of Gamers Vs MS this year, and are thankful they can help this great cause.



Streaming from Newfoundland

RaediantSunburst, or Rae, is a Newfoundland streamer that puts the word variety in variety streamer. Originally from Alberta she had made NL her home. She streams a lot of nintendo games, and some playstation games. Gamers vs MS is important to her because her grandmother had MS and Rae wants to help end this disease. She is very excited to once again be a part of the organization that got her streaming on her own!


Streaming from Nova Scotia

Ravasin is a variety streamer from Nova Scotia who has been creating content on Twitch for a little over a year. His main passion lies in Roguelites, RPG's, and anything tactical, but you'll find him trying out almost anything from time to time. Only recently stepping into the world of charity streaming with Extra Life and the Chaotic Kind team, and eager to expand his contribution elsewhere, he's extremely excited for the opportunity to join the Gamers vs MS relay. Outside of gaming, Ravasin enjoys running when it’s warm, snowshoeing when it’s cold, and watching hockey always.



Streaming from Ontario

Spaceman Spiff is a variety streamer from Ottawa, Ontario. No game is too big, too small, too mainstream, or too obscure! Spiff’s streaming career began as a One-Up in support of the Fall 2021 Gamers Vs MS Relay and he is excited to continue the momentum as part of the official relay team for Spring 2022. The fight against MS is a personal one; Spiff was diagnosed with MS in 2019 and their Aunt has been living with the disease for over 30 years. When not gaming, Spiff enjoys the outdoors, playing music, and vibing with his puppy, Kronk.



Streaming from Newfoundland

Stylin’ Steve has worn many hats. Wrestling Announcer, Author, Event Planner, Podcaster, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, among others. He’s a casual gamer who likes a variety of games, but he’s most likely to be playing The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. He likes that game a lot. His streams are a chill place to hang out and his chat is an inclusive, friendly, sarcastic, joking environment and he loves talking with the chat while streaming. In 2020 he did a One Up Stream and is excited to join the main 168 hour marathon party for the first time.



Streaming from Newfoundland

Hailing from Newfoundland and Labrador, Trish is a new part time streamer. On Mondays you’ll find her painting miniatures and on Wednesday/Friday she’s playing a wide variety of games. Some of her favourites being Ori and the Blind Forest, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Legend of Zelda series.



Streaming from Newfoundland

​TheBigPapaPanda (Ron) is a full time variety streamer from Newfoundland and Labrador and has been streaming for a little over a year. They started as a way to help cope with their anxiety and it has turned into something so much more! Ron has been playing games for as long as he can remember and some of his favourites are Harvest Moon 64, Overwatch and Kirby Superstar! This will be his first time participating in the Gamers Vs MS Relay and couldn’t more excited to be involved!



Streaming from Ontario

Andy is a blogger and podcast producer from Ontario who loves Nintendo, baseball, auto racing, and retro gaming. Streaming since 2019, most of his streams are of the auto racing simulator.



Streaming from Newfoundland

Johnny or “VaiBeatFoo” is an all around sci-fi/gamer/music geek from Newfoundland! He started streaming in January of 2015 and has been overjoyed to meet and connect with so many new friends over the years. Community is everything! Usually you will find him streaming first play throughs of games he has never played before, and sometimes he might be doing a full on series marathon! He is passionate about helping people in need and is humbled to be invited back so many times to GvM!



Streaming from Newfoundland

​Melanie Collins/Vorfalath is a disaster of a human in her 30s with she/her pronouns who has spent over a decade around people who stream. In those ten+ years, she has learned close to absolutely nothing, but began streaming on her own regardless.  

Going by the moniker of “The Cozy Casual”, her streams are very loose, chill and involve a lot of free, easy playing of games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Rune Factory, and sometimes minecraft. She loves relaxed gaming, and loves it even more when it’s in support of amazing charities like the MS Society of Canada.



Streaming from Ontario

I’m Lewdog, Content creator, Dancer, Singer and all around entertainer on the Twitch platform. I'm originally from Edmonton AB but now currently living in Ottawa eh! I'm a variety streamer who brings something very different and unique to the table with my green screen dances and high energy streams. This is my first charity event and I'm very happy to be involved in the relay!

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Streaming from Ontario

My name is Ryan Lawrence, I am 31 years old and was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS at the age of 17. Have been involved in the Ontario independent wrestling scene for about 10 years. Forever learning in this crazy journey that we call life. With help of some of the most amazing people I know, I have done 2 previous streams before in efforts to raise money for the MS Society raising over $1,500! Expecting a beautiful little human with my amazing girlfriend (mid-late February) Hoping to open a can of whoop *** with the Gamers vs MS crew & finally put MS down for the 3 count!