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Streaming from Newfoundland

Tallara is a 26 year old gamer from Newfoundland, Canada! A self-proclaimed video game fanatic since she got her hands on a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red for her fifth birthday, she has been gaming ever since. While she especially loves role playing games, her gaming history is quite diverse, and she makes an attempt to play anything that is fun and has good mechanics. She has brought this outlook to her Twitch channel, where she has been streaming for the past 3.5 years. Playing a variety of games means that there is something for everyone, and viewers have been able to watch her play through game series such as Dark Souls, Spyro, Fallout and The Legend of Zelda. With occasional appearances from her cat, Muffin, Tallara loves nothing more than to entertain people while doing what she loves to do most – play video games!
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