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Streaming from Ontario

Kari, infamous for making weird noises, an avid RP enthusiast, corgi lover, anime lover, and some would say a giggle machine (seriously, she never stops). She definitely does not like the color pink... She has been seriously involved with GTA roleplay on a server called NoPixel where she has played a lovable yet somewhat airheadish EMS to an apathetic serial killer trying to right the injustices of the city. Kari's love of gaming started when she was very young, her first one ever being Duck Hunt. Since then she has only continued to play video games and loves a wide variety including but not limited to, shooters, mmos, horror games and more. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Kari is honored to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing project. So join in for some fun, swearing, many yawns and laughs, as well as occasional barks as Ekko the Corgi attempts to steal the show!
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