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Streaming from Quebec

Hello, I’m Crimsy, your French Canadian horror lover, digital artist, 3D artist and small Youtuber/streamer next door! My main focus right now is to stream art, game development and horror let’s plays, which I have been doing on Twitch for around 9 months now! I have a college and bachelor degree in 3D art for games and other than that I’m a pretty laid back caffeine fuelled skeleton who takes it one day at a time. I feel very honoured to have been invited to participate in Gamers VS MS and have the opportunity to raise funds and awareness around this illness. One of my family members suffers from MS and I know how difficult it can make one’s entire life. This is the first time I get to participate in a charity event, so I really hope I can help make a difference and will do everything I can to help make this relay a success!
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