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Streaming from Newfoundland

Avie Featherfault is a 31-year-old screaming birdlady who some say is more gremlin than harpy. Though she's helped out on friends' streams from time to time in recent years, she's only been streaming herself for the past six months and has absolutely zero clue what she's doing. Avie is something of a variety streamer, bouncing between a wide variety of games, art streams, shenanigans with friends and even spooky storytelling! She does a little bit of everything— with her own birdbrained flair, of course. Avie is honored to get to stream for the Gamers VS MS relay for the first time, and whether she's screaming her way through horror games or getting into heated debates with chat about whether or not the color burgundy is real (spoiler alert: it's not), you can count on her to bring her special brand of chaos to this incredible cause!
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